Cedar Bench Rendering & Drawing

Looking for a new statement pieces for your deck, porch, or outdoor space? This beautiful cedar bench is just what you need!

In The PDF Download:

• Pictures of the completed bench

• Material List + Cuts List

• Engineered Drawing

• Engineered Rendering

Materials You Will Need:

• 15 Cedar 2x4's (8ft long)

• 6 Cedar 1x6's (8ft long)

• Gorilla Glue

• Duragrip 8x2-1/2 Cedar Deck Screws

• Duragrip 8x3 Cedar Deck Screws

• 4 bags of Alexandria Moulding Hardwood 3/8 Birch Head Plugs

• 1 package Norton MultiSand 9 inch x 11 inch Sanding Sheets Fine-150 grit

• Elmer's Tinted Wood Filler Natural Tube

• Varathane Diamond Wood Finish - Outdoor (Water, Satin)

• Paint Brush

• 2 8-inch diameter clay pots

• Ferns (or plants of your choice)

• Potting soil

• 3 decorative pillows

For more information (including FAQ's) about this bench, please see my corresponding blog posts here:




*please note this download does not include detailed, step-by-step instructions.

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